Who Are We?

We are a loose collective of network engineers, operators, and infrastructure geeks who share a passion for creating new things.  Our team members have worked in the industry for decades and consulted with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, academia, and many start-ups.  We have designed everything from data centers to precision time pieces and have contributed code and guidance to equally diverse projects. We have been the technology drivers of regional ISPs, media player projects, visualization start-ups, and security research groups.  In short, we are technologists.  We live and breathe this stuff.

We could name names but then we have to deal with those guys being grumpy.  Or, worse yet, we have to deal with the mega-corps that bought them being grumpy.  Let’s just say that we’ve helped build many start-ups that have won and lost hundreds of millions of dollars over the years and we’ve been doing *something* on the Internet since about 1984.

We are not Amazon Elastic Cloud and we are not Rack Space and we are not trying to be those things. We are just trying to be the best private alternative to those solutions that we can be.

And we are not driven to make a buck off of our customers’ private usage data or to use our community to market to them.

Now our vision is to create a safe haven where anyone can come to realize new ideas in a virtual workbench environment with rights and responsibilities regarding privacy and security for all.

Perhaps you might like to join us.