We do… what we do.

We move data.  We organize data.  And we make sure that others can make use of the work that we’ve already done.  We provide the building blocks that you can use to get your project started or, perhaps, as a place to host your finished product long-term. We provide BSD and Linux virtual machines, bare metal blades with your choice of OS, and high-performance compute clusters should you need to lease a super-computer or massive amounts of bandwidth. (Yes, MASSIVE amounts of bandwidth.)  The possibilities truly are endless.

Our focus is on FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu and Android-based virtual machines running private instant messaging servers, game servers, web and mail servers, and developers’ platforms focusing on LAMP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and similar frameworks. We are also open to new ideas and opportunities as they come along.

We do not feel as though we have the right to advertise to you, so we don’t. And we respect your privacy. We only use customer metrics and collected data to better manage what we do, which is to provide high-quality, high-availability virtual machines, physical machines, clusters and connectivity for the masses.