Pricing: No-Contract Virtual Machines

FreeBSD, PC-BSD, Android, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and custom appliances:

2 vCPU/2 GB RAM/40 GB Disk – $20/month
2 vCPU/2 GB RAM/80 GB Disk – $25/month
4 vCPU/4 GB RAM/40 GB Disk – $40/month
4 vCPU/4 GB RAM/80 GB Disk – $45/month
(Basic IRC, Email, and IM-based support included.)
Or build your own A-la-carte menu for a custom VM or a cluster of VMs.


SLA and Support Upgrades:

High Availability SLA – per VM – add $20/month.
Support Level Upgrades – Contact us for pricing.


The Fine Print:

1 IPv4 address per VM included, IPv6 also available.

Base Bandwidth = 3Mbps per VM (Monitored for 95th percentile usage)

Additional Bandwidth = $6/1Mbps/month

Additional Disk – $0.04/GB/Month ($40/1TB/Month) in 100GB allotments

Basic OpenVPN, IPSec, Jabber IM, and Tor services are included with your paid services.

We also offer bare metal up to and including super-compute clusters using IBM FlexServer blades with up to 120 cores and 768GB RAM per blade on 12 to 36 month contracts. Example: A bare metal 2xQuad-Core Xeon E5630 blade with 16GB of RAM and dual 300GB disks starts at about $300/month with 10Mbps of bandwidth. Please inquire to get a current quote if interested.

We reserve the right to block or throttle outbound SMTP, port 25. Ports 587 and 465 remain available for use.

Volume discounts are available and special requests are always welcome.