Blinkin’ Lights + Building Blocks = BlinkinBlox. — Get it?

We could say, “Cloud Company,” or “In The Cloud,” or “Cloudy,” but “The Cloud” is a marketing term; a fuzzy, warm, nondescript nebulous “thing” where “stuff” happens. It softens the blow of a myriad mass of technical and operational details and distills it all down to one word, “cloud.” And that’s not very helpful, is it? Truth is, the cloud isn’t magic. Managing any cloudy-thingy takes a lot of hard work and experience and time and attention. So you can say, “cloud” if you want to, but this really isn’t that.

We like to say, “Affordable Infrastructure-as-a-Service” but its so much more than that. Of course we provide affordable IaaS but we also like to provide what we call “curated virtual machines, virtual work benches, and dedicated hardware.” That’s right, we help you manage your virtual infrastructure when you need it and let you do your own thing when you don’t.  We also provide consulting services for infrastructure, systems administration, embedded hardware and maker spaces.

Our goal is to provide high-quality virtual infrastructure and services for hobbyists, developers, small businesses, and makers.  Now don’t take that the wrong way – large businesses and government services are certainly welcome (We’ve done our fair share of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 consulting over the years.) but we’ll need to talk about Service Level Agreements and price points that are right for those needs.  We’re happy to entertain opportunities to help our customers in unique and innovative ways so please feel free to ask.

The Bottom Line:
We co-locate racks and racks of equipment in a nuclear-hardened underground facility with redundant power, data and cooling using IBM BladeCenter chassis and Dell Equal Logic storage arrays, FreeNAS storage arrays, Xen Orchestra, CloudStack, and oVirt orchestration platforms with Xen and KVM hypervisors and pfSense VPN/firewalls. We also use gear from HP, Dell, and Nortel/Avaya. We are Open Source friendly, security conscious, pro-encryption experts who enjoy doing what we do and we proudly support many different flavors of BSD and Linux. We don’t meter usage, its all flat-rate (we do monitor bandwidth though). We also offer IPSec and OpenVPN services to our customers as an added convenience. And we believe that we can help you with many of your infrastructure needs. So come talk with us about how we can help you. We think that you’ll enjoy being a part of our community.