Affordable Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Curated Virtual Machines and Virtual Private Servers
Promoting *BSD- and Linux-based Utility Computing
Starting at About Twenty Dollars per Month.

  • Ultra-Secure Hardened Environment.
  • Fully Redundant Data Center Services.
  • Generous Bandwidth Limits.
  • VPN Access and IPv6 included.
  • Root Access via SSH and Virtual Console.
  • Flat-Rate, Predictable Billing.
  • Bare Metal and High Performance Clusters.
  • Incubator-styled Atmosphere Available.
  • Experimental Images Including Docker Welcomed.
  • Private Corporate Clusters Available.
  • Enterprise SLA Upgrades Available.
  • Community Support and Paid Support.
  • No Contract VMs – Billed Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually.
  • Custom CloudStack, OpenStack, oVirt, and eGenera Deployments.